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Out of the Circle offers managerial, curatorial and consultancy services for arts organizations and individuals alike, helping them realize their goals, fulfill their highest potential, and increase their impact. Founder Elham Khattab, alongside years of practical experience, is a fellow at DeVos Institute for arts management at Maryland University in Washington D.C., equipped to handle the business side and bigger picture which many artists or art institutions struggle with as they focus on the creative details they are best at.


We work regionally and internationally, but our focus is on Egypt’s active art scene with its multitude of ideas and dreams, just a portion of which ends up seeing the light. Our aim is to offer a grounding plan for those dreams and help artists and art organizations feel supported in achieving them, meanwhile fostering a network of professionals with experience in arts management that can sustain all the talent and visions we have. 

Out of the Circle will give you a plan with all details considered, point you to resources, and connect you with the right people and organizations to ensure your work is as professional and well-prepared as can be. We also offer counsel and provide professional feedback and evaluation services to other art and culture entities, offering our expertise to answer all your questions and concerns in order to demystify the planning process. 

Our collaborations empower art practitioners to take the wheel and learn how to sustain their contribution to a rich and vibrant art and culture scene.

What we can offer you:


Strategic planning


We align an organization’s missions and vision with what is required for its success today and in the future by providing internal and external analyses to set long-term plans for activity and programming as well as marketing, funding methods, and more.


We work with early-stage organizations seeking a grounded approach to set a strong foundation, as well as those in the middle stages seeking to revise or strengthen their strategy to rise to the next level.  

Our detailed strategies position the organization to overcome challenges and capitalize on its strengths, leaning on an implementation plan that outlines the best tactics for executing each step and a timeline for their completion.


Project management


Handling the processes of management for new or existing projects is a matter of seeing the big picture without losing sight of the details.


Our extensive experience with different types of projects, big and small, enables us to see both of those aspects. We help organizations or individuals effectively make use of the resources at hand to fulfill their project’s vision. We offer everything from idea conception, budgeting, and support to the implementation of projects and events of all sizes.


Curating events


Our curatorial services for independent projects aim to engage audiences and visitors in meaningful experiences through art, offering our range of experience from concept building to artist selection and artwork installation.


Be it an exhibition, a festival, an online or offline event we seek to professionally support artists and creatives from our communities in North Africa and the Middle East for higher international exposure.

Contact us for more information on Curation and consultation sessions.

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