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Lauren Bickerdike - 2018 Ireland.jpg

Lauren Bickerdike - Ireland 

Artist in Residence in 2018


Lauren Bickerdike is a Limerick-based multimedia artist from Laois, Ireland. She is a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design where she focused on Sculpture and Combined Media and received a BA Honors Degree in Fine Art. Lauren has participated and collaborated in recent shows such as Art As Message in the CICA Museum, South Korea (2020), Global Conversations, for the 75th United Nations General Assembly based in New York, United States of America (2020), Wall Cafe in the Rua Red Gallery, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland (2020),  Suburbs in Rome, Italy under Loosen Art Contemporary Magazine and Gallery (2019), Peak Show, Limerick, Ireland (2019), Hark! Cresson is 40, Grenobles, France (2019), Radio Papesse, Florence, Italy (2019) and in the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, Ireland (2016).

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Toufik Douib - Algeria/ UK

Curator in Residence - 2018

Toufik Douib is an independent event director and curator born and bred in Algeria. He was drawn to creative environments from an early age; he studied at the Junior Conservatory of art and has a two-year of experience working in the Ministry of culture in Algiers. Then it was after moving to London, in 2009, that he became more committed to intercultural understanding, notably through the question of identity within artistic scope.


In parallel to completing a post-graduation in cultural event management, Toufik has been involved during the past years within various projects in which he aimed to illustrate the multiple and eclectic facets of the Algerian cultural scene today. In 2015, he curated his first solo visual arts exhibition, “Algerianism”, commissioned for Nour Festival in London.

Toufik Douib - 2018 Algeria.jpg
Gabriela Kobus.jpeg

Gabriela Kobus - Germany

Artist in Residence twice in 2019

Gabriela Kobus absolved interdisciplinary studies of design and art. After graduating she was based in Berlin from where she was working several years as a freelance fashion designer for international brands in the urban wear segment, most of the time as head of design.

In 2010 she decided to go completely back to her focus on art and moved to Leipzig where she now lives and works. Since then she participated in various group and solo exhibitions and she received several institutional grants.

In her artistic work, she moves between architectural, urban planning, and sociological concerns, using different media. She is interested in the formal aspects of a megacity as a huge, sprawling structure beyond human dimensions, as well as in the city as a foundation of social life, closely linked to the needs of its inhabitants.

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Rochu Chiu - Taiwan

Artist in Residence End 2019

In 2010, Graduated from The University of the Arts London BA in Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts.  The same year,  she started getting involved in the shooting industry Was the PA/translator in the rigging group for the film “Life of Pi” in 2011 and Became a professional visual art/film freelancer.

Personal Art works include: Drawing / Illustration / Installation / Visual Art / Performance Art/ Moving Image/Animation/ Graphic design /visual Art Design

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Per Huttner - 2020 Sweden-Paris.jpg

Per Huttner - Sweden

Artist in Residence - February 2020

Per Hüttner is a Swedish visual artist who lives and works in Paris, France, and in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated from Konsthögskolan in Stockholm in 1993. He also studied at Hochschule der Künste in Berlin 1991-1992. He is mostly known for his photographic work and his interactive, changing, and traveling exhibition projects. Several monographs about his practice have been published including Per Hüttner, 2003; I am a Curator, 2004; Repetitive Time 2006, Xiao Yao You 2006, and Democracy and Desire 2007.

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Sylvia Trăistariu - Romania

Artist in Residence - April 2021

Romanian visual artist and curator who lives and works in Piatra-Neamt, a city from East of Romania. She graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania (2005) and she did her Master's Degree at the National University of Art in Bucharest (2009).  After three years in Bucharest, she returned to her home city and started working as a museum curator at the National Museum Complex. Since 2018 she is the Head -Coordinator of the Art Museum in Romania. Through her profession, as a museum curator and coordinator and as an artist as well, she collaborates with national and international museums, with Art Universities and Institutions, with artists and curators.

Her artistic activity includes over 20 personal and collective exhibitions  - national and international, participation in international biennales, and art symposia.

Artist Sylvia Traistariu.jpg
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