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Our mission is to amplify the voices and stories of new media/digital artists through several channels of support. We aim to cement a platform for young established new media/digital artists from the MENA region while connecting them to the international scene. 


Out Of The Circle started as an initiative with the simple goal of supporting and promoting young Egyptian contemporary artists, and has grown over the years to become an arts management organization with a wide-spanning program.

In 2008 Out of The Circle was providing young Egyptian contemporary artists with opportunities and support to present their works in exhibitions, projects, and workshops and professionally present their work. After several years that expanded our family of artists and partners in Cairo, Out Of The Circle was registered in 2013 as an organization in Cairo to continue its path with more outreach while offering more professional support in arts management and curation.

We have since focused our attention on contemporary art to new media and digital art in particular, noticing them as fast-growing mediums in Egypt. Artworks in these tech-based mediums sit at the intersection between science, art, and society, and our interest lies in exploring the ways in which they can influence and develop our society - giving us insights into our present or helping us imagine a future of possibilities.

Over the years our work in new media and digital arts allowed us to explore the breadth and depth of this fast-evolving medium, inspiring us to keep up with it and strive to showcase the artists’ work with excellence.

We also began providing arts management and curatorial support for individual visual artists and arts organizations. After years of working on art projects, festivals, and research projects, we were able to extend our contemporary art focus beyond Egypt to the Middle East and North Africa.

Out Of The Circle has been a cradle for numerous projects of visual art and new media art within Egypt and abroad by the generous support of foreign institutes and embassies in Cairo.

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