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Out of the Circle is an arts organization based in Cairo, Egypt, catering to the MENA region’s digital and new media art scene. We offer a platform that facilitates and curates events, residencies, and exhibitions for artists in a two-way exchange between the Egyptian and international art scene.

We connect Egyptian and North African artists to the global scene by helping them secure enriching opportunities abroad, and in turn organize artist residencies for international artists in Egypt. Out of the Circle also curates exhibitions and festivals on several scales, while also providing arts management and curatorial support to other artistic entities in Egypt. In parallel, we also conduct ongoing research projects and compile databases on digital and new media art to better understand and support these mediums.


for public, online, and festival events



for international and MENA artists


to support your project by art management and curation

Out Of The Circle was our partner at every stage of developing the "Forgotten Enlightenments" project from the conceptualizing and the fundraising to implementation and the installation of the artworks. This project has benefited in an extraordinary and essential way from the knowledge, the artistic network, and the curatorial experience of their Director Elham Khattab. 


                                                                                                      -Michael Arzt - Artistic Director HALLE 14

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